Big Life Changes

Monday, May 29

Long time no see. 
I know it's been a while since I've made any effort to post anything but I think it's warranted. Let me fill you in: 

To start everything off, I am still working two jobs, which basically means I'm working full time. I have to travel an hour both to and from work four days of the week, two days car pooling and two days by myself, which means a lot of miles put onto my car. 
My car, a 2005 Chev, finally wouldn't make it back and forth to the city safely after months of travelling back and fourth. This meant it was time for a new car. 

Noah and I spent all of May trying to find a new car.  We test drove a few but non were exactly what we were looking for. We wanted a car that was newer than my 2005 but not brand new. We didn't want something that would break our bank accounts every month. After a month of looking, we finally settled on a 2012 Honda Civic. It's a lot nicer than our old car and it's a lot safer too. 

Then, the same day we finally got the car, I found out I was accepted to graduate school! 
I didn't really think that my application would go through this year. I had so many other friends get rejected the first time they applied  to their respective programs that I just expected to be rejected too.  I had already planned to re-apply in September. Turns out, that wouldn't be the case for me. 
This program is half way across Canada, so needless to say, we'll be moving in the near future. 
Naturally, my life is in a lot of upheaval right now. Between saving money, packing, and getting everything ready for the move I also need to get back in to the mindset of school. It's been a year since I was in university so I am a little out of touch with that mentality.

I'm not sure how consistently I'll be posting in the next little while. Summer is one of my favourite seasons to write but since I'll be moving I'm not sure how much time I'll have for leisurely posting. 
I'll try my best! 

Heres to exciting new adventures!  I hope to bring you along on the journey! 

Body Image | Facing Fears

Friday, April 7

I was never 100% comfortable in my own skin. I've gotten a lot better as I've gotten older, but it has taken time, patience, self reflection, and love.
Sure, there are things I wish I could change, and I am working on eating better and drinking more water, but changing a body that has had twenty three years to mould will take time.

My self confidence is another one of those things that is taking some time to improve. When I was younger I never complimented myself or my figure. I always could pick things about myself that I thought needed changing. Even now, I am trying to work away at getting a slimmer tummy area.

We have these beauty standards that are all around us, and while I'm trying to work on loving myself regardless of beauty standard, it's a difficult road to walk.

I was recently inspired by Dia&Co, who are working on getting women to face their fashion fears. This is an issue that I really wanted to get involved with, as it not only impacts me daily, but many other women throughout the world.
Now Dia&Co are a subscription in the US for plus sized ladies. They have some beautiful stuff and I can't wait until they ship to Canada so that I can put an order in! They are trying to get women to have more confidence in things that they want to wear - to not be scared of a style or colour that others might think detracts from their inner beauty. I for one, am all for this movement! 

For this post I did something that I don't normally do - I went into a store and picked clothes to try on that I normally would never bring into a fitting room with me.

I picked things that I didn't think would suit my body type, or things I didn't think would look right on me. I tried each piece on, and snapped a dressing room photo. To top that off, I didn't edit the photos any for this post. There is something liberating about not worrying about fixing things in photos. 

For starters, here is what I walked in wearing - Dark jeans, top and cardigan: 

Then I tried on a cat print t-shirt. Normally I love cat print clothing items, but I find that I don't wear them unless I am at home, because usually the print is tacky. I picked this to try on specifically because I knew it was a tacky print. 

Next up to try on, a bright yellow blouse. Now the reason that I picked this shirt to try on was for the elastic band on the bottom of the shirt. I am in love with the colour, but usually tops with that elastic band on the bottom detract my attention, simply because they look odd on my stomach. I don't find they fit very well and are very unflattering. Regardless, I picked it up to try on, partially for the colour (which is one of my favourite colours) but also because I knew I would normally put this back on the rack. 

I've heard from many sources that horizontal stripes are not good for people with larger bodies. So naturally I picked up one to try on. I loved that the top was different. Normally I wouldn't even look twice at this item on a rack, but when I put it on I actually really liked it!

Ahh, Shorts. It has taken me a long time to come across a pair of shorts that I don't hate. These are not that pair. I don't own many shorts for a couple reasons: 1) I'm picky about their fit, length, and quality and 2) I just don't find them flattering on my body.
Nonetheless, I picked a pair to try on. I didn't like them, but at least I tried. 

They just make my behind look so odd and frumpy. It will be a glorious day when I find nice shorts. 

To keep up with the horizontal stripes, I picked up a tee fabric dress. I liked the colour, although I picked it because I felt like it would wash all the colour off of me. Once it was on, I also noticed that it was not flattering in my tummy area at all. However, I liked the colour, and it was very comfortable. 

Another of the same type of dress, with a little more flow. This was a piece that I really liked. White is another colour that makes me look paler than I already am (it is possible, somehow). 

I have always wanted a romper. I have yet to find one suitable for me, but I tried this one on anyway. I loved the bow in the front, but I always find that they fit my waist and leg area funny. I usually disregard rompers when looking through racks because I just assume they will all fit the exact same way. 

And finally, I tried on a piece that had a print that I did not like, and a style that I did not understand on the rack. It did not fit and made me very uncomfortable. I really liked the colours, which was why I picked it up. I was feeling bold and adventurous when I picked it up. Trying it on was an experience, but I will gladly say that I was not a fan of this choice. 

I came to the conclusion that sometimes it is hard to change your thinking, but it is possible. I went into the store thinking that this would be awful, and that I would be discouraged by trying on things that I already didn't think would work on my body, but in the end I actually enjoyed the process, and found some things that I really liked! 

I am a strong believer in doing what makes you happy, and I think that also extends to wearing what makes you happy. If you enjoy wearing high heels, then hats off to you - wear them with pride! If you like matching bright prints with black and white stripes, be my guest! Put things on your body that make you happy, because at the end of the day, it is your body no one else's. You've only got one, so try to be happy that you are able to wear things that you enjoy!

Interview Questions for Graduate Studies

Friday, March 24

Job interviews can be very scary, so naturally an interview for your graduate studies application is down right terrifying. I'm hoping that I'll be hearing back soon that I have been selected to attend an interview for my master's application. (fingers crossed!) 
I thought that I would do some research and figure out some things to be aware of for graduate studies interviews, in case I get a chance to attend one!

Some things to consider:
- These are things I've read regarding Psychology interviews, but I'm sure they can be modified to fit other programs or even job interviews.
- I am not an interviewer, therefore I cannot confirm 100% that these are what someone will ask you, or what you should ask the interviewer. These are just things that I found that I thought might be helpful. 
- I am seriously considering using all of the things I will include in this post.

Things you could be asked in a Psychology Master's interview:
- Your goals, and experiences that have prepared you for the program you're applying to
- Factors that have drawn you to their particular program and school
- Ethical dilemmas/difficult decisions that you will have to solve (There might not be a right answer either; they will be looking at your thought process, and ability to see many aspects of a problem)

Things you should ask in a Psychology Master's interview:
- If you complete this degree/program, what additional steps will you need to complete to become a licensed practitioner?
- What support is available for helping you find a practicum/internship placement (if applicable)?
- How will this program prepare you for a PhD program, should you decide to pursue one?
- Ask your potential supervisor about their mentoring style and how often they meet with their students

Some other tips I have read: 
- Turn your interview in to a discussion: about about research you've done and ask about their research. Talk about the aspects you're interested in and ask questions about the things you are unsure of
- It might be a good idea to look at recent articles from the staff at the university of the interview if you do not have a general idea of the topic you want to research while there, or do not have any supervisors lined up
- After the interview has been completed, send a thank you email. This shows gratitude. I have read that you can inquire about when it is expected to hear back about acceptances but make a point not to pester! 

There are lots of resources online to help you prepare for an academic interview or a prospective job interview. Hopefully some of these will help you if you're asked to attend an interview!

My Favourite Bath & Body Scent | A Thousand Wishes Review

Thursday, March 16


I recently bought some products in my favourite bath and body works scent and I thought I would review them. No one has asked me to review these, I just wanted the internet to know that I adore these products! 

They are the "A Thousand Wishes" collection, and the scent is described as a combination of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies, and almond creme. I'm not as good at picking up individual scents from the products, but my goodness they smell amazing. It reminds me of very delicious grapes, which make my mouth water!

I purchased three products from this collection recently: The sugar scrub, the shower gel, and the Eau de Parfum. 

I've tried a lot of other Bath and Body Works scents over the years and this is one of my all time favourites (up there with Be Enchanted). 

Eau de Parfum: 

 Isn't the parfum (perfume?) packaged beautifully?! I couldn't bare to remove the ribbon! 

The parfum is packaged beautifully which (besides already loving the scent) was what really drew me to purchase this product. I've worn it quite a few times already and I only purchased it last week! 

4/5 - I would recommend this to everyone, (but not really because then everyone would smell exactly like me). The only reason it doesn't get 5/5 is because Noah (my significant other) says that he can smell the 'chemical-ness' (his words) of the parfum. 

The Sugar Scrub: 

My favourite product to buy from Bath and Body are their scrubs because they feel so nice when you are having a relaxing bath. I have tried sand scrubs and shea/sparkle scrubs as well, but sugar scrubs are my favourite. 

So a sugar scrub combined with my favourite scent: it shouldn't be a surprise that this is my favourite product of the three. 

 5/5! I am so happy with this product! I will be repurchasing this again (and again)!

The Shower Gel: 

I've already had to repurchase the shower gel because I used the last one up! 

 4.5/5 Since this is not my favourite product out of the three, it does not receive a 5/5, but it comes darn close! 

As for the prices, the Eau de Parfum was $39.50, the sugar scrub was $16.50, and the shower gel was $12.50. I did purchase them during a deal where you buy 2 and get the 3rd free, so that was a plus! 

Well, those are my current favourite Bath and Body works scents! What is your favourite scent to wear?

Overnight Stay in Halifax | March 6-7th

Friday, March 10


I spent a couple days in Halifax this week, and I wanted to write about it here, to remember the trip! 
To preface this trip, I purchased two tickets to the Halifax show of Billy Talent's "Afraid of Heights" tour for Noah for Christmas. It turns out that it fell a couple days after his birthday, so we planned a little trip around the concert. 
We left Noah's house in the morning (around 10ish). We have this little tradition where we stop half way for McDonalds breakfast. It's not a healthy tradition, but we rarely travel to Halifax, so it's a tradition we cherish when we do go. 

After we stopped for breakfast we headed to Bayer's Lake to make a quick stop in a couple stores before heading to the Halifax Shopping Centre. I have a new favourite scent from Bath and Body works and when I found out there was an eau de parfum in the same scent I knew I needed that! 

Once we finished in the Shopping Centre, we headed towards the Halifax waterfront, as we were still a little early for our hotel check in time. I really wanted to go to the Freak Lunchbox, a store that sells vintage and odd candy, to pick up some jelly belly's, so we went there, and to the Garrison Brewing Store. Garrison is a local brand of beers that Noah really enjoys so he wanted a tee-shirt with the company brand. After we stopped for a snack at Tim Hortons, we headed back up the hill to check in to our hotel, Cambridge Suites. 

We had a "Studio with A Queen" room, with a queen sized bed. The room was very spacious, but not overly luxurious which I really liked. The bathroom was really modern which Noah appreciated the most (apart from the comfy bed).

Once we unpacked our things we got ready for our full evening of plans. We booked an escape room called " Contaminated Hospital" at Trapped! for 4:45pm, and needed to be there 15 minutes early. I took longer than I anticipated getting ready, but we made it to the place in time!  For those who are unaware, an escape room is basically a themed (or not) room that you are locked in and have to solve puzzles and unlock items in the room to find your way out. I enjoy playing these games online, so I knew that I would enjoy the real life version!

I'm not allowed to say much about the escape room, as I signed a contract saying I wouldn't disclose anything, but it was SO GOOD. We were blindfolded (with blacked out goggles) and led in to the escape room and told the accompanying story for the theme. Without giving anything away, the atmosphere was amazing! So fitting for the room type we had chosen! The puzzles were difficult, but manageable. I enjoyed myself so much and would recommend it to everyone! The Contaminated Hospital was suitable for two - seven people, and we escaped with 10 minutes to spare! 

After the escape room we headed to The Keg Steakhouse for dinner. Noah had been there when he was younger and remembered the food being delicious and I had never been there before, so we decided to splurge a little and treat ourselves. The menu is a little pricey, but my goodness it was the most delicious meal I've ever eaten. 

After dinner we walked a block over to the Scotiabank Centre to get our seats for the concert. At that point I was unaware that this was the last show in the tour, but it became very apparent when the show started as there were a few pranks that the bands played on each other. 
The first opener, The Dirty Nil had the "Nil" in their name crossed out and replaced with "Mike" and they had to come on stage to the song "Barbie Girl" by Aqua (youtube it, I'm sure you've heard it before). Then the second opener, Monster Truck were playing one of their songs that was about flying like an eagle and the drummer from the first band (The Dirty Nil) was hooked up to a harness and started flying while wearing a hamburger mask on his head. Then at the very end of the concert one of the stage crew members had a plastic saxophone and careless whispers started playing and he was pretending to play the saxophone while people started leaving. It was pretty comical. 

In terms of the actual concert, it was awesome! Noah and I have seen Billy Talent before, a couple years ago and they were good then. This time it was better. I think because we had seats this time (we had to stand at the last location) and I was able to see better I enjoyed myself more. They played a lot of songs that I knew and in general they were great! 

The beginning of my favourite song: Red Flag

We headed to bed after the concert and checked out the next morning. We went shopping at the Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth the next day and then headed home. It was a nice get away for the two of us and we both really enjoyed ourselves! 

Have you ever heard of Billy Talent? Do you like them?