Under $10 Gift Ideas for Girls


One of my first blogmas posts was gift ideas under $10 for guys. While I was looking for gift ideas for that post I ended up finding a lot of things for girls under $10. I didn't think it would hurt to include a post for any girls in your life that you might need a few more small gifts for! 

1. Nail Polish - I love getting a new nail polish! If you can, go for their favourite colour. If you aren't sure, then try for a holiday one. This one from Essie is from the winter collection and is called 'Party on a Platform' and is $8.73 on Amazon!
2. Alcohol - For the ladies who are of age, a favourite drink or something to add into hot chocolate this holiday season is a great gift to receive! My favourite cider at the moment is the White Cranberry  Cider (which is $ 3.99), and a small 200 mL bottle of Kahlua is only $8.79 and can be mixed with hot chocolate to have a yummy chocolate alcoholic drink! 
3. Lip Chap - I'm not sure if it's just me, but I lose these like I lose bobby pins. Receiving these as a gift can really be a life saver, especially in the cold, dry winter months! This three pack of Kissable Burts Bees is $9.33 on Amazon!
4. Ear Cover - Speaking of cold and dry, protecting your ears when the snow starts coming down is very important! I hate having cold ears, but my head gets too warm when I wear hats. So these ear covers are prefect, and also super cute! I found this one for $9.50
5. Trinket Holder - Again, not sure if it is just me, but I accumulate a lot of small trinkets that, often have no real place in my room. Having a cute holder would help declutter a dresser or jewelry box! There were a couple options online, but being a lover of pink I chose to include this one that only costs $7.99!
6.  Bath Products - The holiday season can bring with it a lot of stress and anxiety. Giving a bath product can allow the recipient to have a relaxing evening to themselves when they might be feeling a  bit stressed. I love the 'Golden Wonder' bath bomb for $6.95. I bought one for the first time last winter and I loved how it made the water shimmery and it smelled wonderful! 
7. Hair Accessories - Remember earlier how I mentioned that I always lose bobby pins? Well, include hair elastics with that list. I love getting these for Christmas, as I ALWAYS need them. Either I'll lose them, or they break. Either way, I'll need new ones eventually! The regular ties can be found for $1.90 and the cute bow ones are $4.90!
8. Slippers - Who wouldn't want a pair of cute slippers to wear when they want to be cozy? These reindeer ones are only $9.50!

Hopefully this will help you shop for any girlies in your life! I know I had more ideas for my sister while I was writing this post!

I wrote this post at the end of November, so products and prices may be different

Motivational Monday: Being Grateful


I have not wrote a Motivational Monday post since last December, so I thought it was about time that I brought this back! I know Thanksgiving is the time when you are supposed to think about all the things you are thankful for, but for me I am more thankful at Christmas. I am surrounded my more family and friends, and it gives me more time to think about all the things I have to be grateful for. I thought for today's Motivational Monday I would mention five things that I am grateful for. 

1. My partner. This is one of the most cliche things that I'm sure I will write, but it is true nonetheless. I am so grateful for everything that this man does for me. I am grateful for all the memories we have shared over this year. For the talks long into the night, the laughs we've shared over videos or games, the movies we've seen and the adventures we've taken. I wouldn't know where I would be in life without him by my side. He motivates me to keep going in things when I feel like giving up, and will be my voice of reason when I want to do something foolish. I am grateful for him always. 
2. Happiness. Overall I am a very happy person. I don't tend to let things bother me for very long and I am almost always smiling. It hasn't really hit me until recently that the happiness that I have isn't something that everyone experiences. My family, friends and partner all experience things in their life that get them down, be it hard days at work, mental health issues, or school. There are others in the world who have very sad experiences and are not happy at all. I, for some reason, am genetically made up so that my happiness doesn't really allow those difficult things to take over my brain. For that I am so grateful. 
3. Job Stability. Working three jobs certainly is overwhelming at times, I will admit. My calendar is full of schedules and time lines, but I am so glad that I have some stability. I spent the whole summer applying for jobs with no luck, so when I finally got hired to work I was so pleased. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to start saving some money. I haven't been able to save money since high school (over four years ago) since I didn't work during university, so having a little bit saved is very nice!
4. My Family. Another typical answer, but my reasoning might be a little different. I've been getting my application for graduate school ready to be sent in, and with that comes some uneasy feelings. The school I'm applying to is provinces away, and that has made me realize this year just how much my family means to me. I'm so grateful to have parents who work their hardest to provide for my sister and I and for that I will forever be grateful. It will be a sad time in my life when I move away, so I am cherishing all the time I have with my family while I can.
5. Friends. Friends are the thing I often let slide in my life. I live with my family, and my partner and I are together most of the time, so they are ones in my life that I am always around. This leaves the friends to slide to the back burner. I recently reconnected with two of my closest friends and I realized just how much I missed them. I never had 'girl time' when I was not with them, and I didn't realize how much I wanted and needed that time to talk and/or complain about girly things. I am so grateful that even though it seemed like I dropped off the face of the earth, that my two best friends picked me back up and dusted me off like nothing had ever happened.

So there you have it, five things I am grateful for this holiday season. It's nice to really think about the wonderful things you have in your life, and if they are people, to let them know. It can be nice to know that you are appreciative, and are appreciated.

What are some things you are grateful for this holiday season?

Under $10 Gift Ideas for Guys


Last year I wrote about how to shop for the difficult one in your life. This year I thought it would be a little easier to have a gift idea post for both guys and girls. Doing this post really helped me figure out what I was getting for my partner (he's the one I have a hard time buying things for). These items can all be put in a stocking and they'd make a great gift, or you can pick and choose things depending on the person!

1. Socks - they're easy to lose and misplace, so it's always a good idea to give some for christmas. I like cute ones like these Men's Bulldog Socks for $6.90, but you could always go for something more plain (and boring). 
2. Chocolate and/or alcohol - Everyone has a chocolate or candy that they love to receive during the holidays! My partner likes Terry's Chocolate Oranges and they're only $2.88! Additionally, for anyone who is legal to consume and/or purchase alcohol, giving a little something can be a nice gesture. I suggest either their favourite, or something versatile like vodka that they can mix with anything over the holidays. This one is only a small, 200 mL bottle for $9.25. (note: I live in NS, Canada, so I linked my liquor store website)
3. Bath Bombs - Now I know, it seems weird to give a bath bomb to a male, and they might not like bath products, but maybe they will. The one I've included is the Great Bear. This bath bomb smells like cypress, rosewood, and oak moss. Basically all things forest-y, and not the girly smelling scents that they might expect. This bath bomb is $6.95, with all the proceeds going to Grizzly Grants, a charity that is working to protect bears in North America! (So not only are you giving a great little pamper treat, you're helping the bears too!)  
4. Headphones - My partner is allll about music, and he goes through headphones like crazy, so this is something that I can always include in his present and he will be happy! He is pretty particular with the type that he likes, so if you know they have a certain type they like then aim to get those, otherwise I found this pair on Amazon for only $3.78!!
5. Handy Tools - Sometimes little stocking stuffer ideas can be useful later! This $10 multi tool for example, might come in handy when you need to open a package, fix a loose screw, or open a bottle!
6. Head Massager - I love head massages, as does my partner. This gift is for when I'm not around to give him a head massage. Also, I can use it myself, so it's a gift for the both of us ;). I found this one for $6.00!
7. Razor - Everyone uses them, but no one thinks to give them as gifts. It sure is nice to have a new razor that you didn't have to purchase for yourself! I don't know much about men's razors, but this one has good reviews on amazon and only costs $7.42 on Amazon.

Hopefully this helped you with finding some cheap gifts for any guy in your life! 

What is something you would include in this list?

I wrote this post at the end of November, so products and prices may be different

Holiday Bucket List | Blogmas Day


The holidays are always a busy time of the year. Often I think of things that I would like to do but then time gets away from me and either I forget or I just run out of time to do the things I wanted to earlier in the month. This year I thought I would write a bucket list of things that I want to do this holiday season so that I don't forget, and hopefully by the time Christmas Day rolls around I'll have completed all of these!

❅ Donate to a toy drive and/or to the food bank
❅ Family drive to see Christmas lights
❅ Be kissed under mistletoe 
❅ Take couples photos again this December
❅ Sing Christmas carols with family
❅ Christmas baking with my sister
❅ Try homemade hot chocolate

What is one thing you want to do this holiday season?

25 Blogmas Ideas


When I was writing posts last year for blogmas I had a hard time thinking about what to post. I found it very helpful to look online at what others had posted, and ideas that others had given. I decided that this year I would also make a list of some ideas for others who might want to participate in blogmas but aren't sure what to write about! Some of these I wrote about last year (indicated by the * - you can click it to take you to that particular post) and a few are ones that I plan to write about this year (I won't indicate those, you'll have to stick around to see which ones)

❅ Gift ideas for him/her
❅ Your favourite holiday baking recipe*
❅ Favourite holiday movies*
❅ Holiday nail art
❅ LUSH Christmas product review/haul*
❅ Holiday party make-up look
❅ Homemade hot chocolate
❅ Making/decorating a gingerbread house
❅ Winter photography*
❅ One of your regular posts but a holiday edition*
❅ Holiday traditions
❅ Blogmas post ideas
❅ DIY Christmas gifts
❅ Letters to Santa
❅ Elf on the shelf ideas
❅ Holiday outfit of the day
❅ Christmas poems
❅ Host a holiday giveaway
❅ Christmas jokes
❅ How to make the best Christmas dinner
❅ DIY Christmas decorations
❅ Ugly Christmas sweaters
❅ Your favourite Christmas memories
❅ Secret Santa ideas
❅ What Youtubers/Bloggers Holiday content you like*

Hopefully this will help anyone who is thinking about starting blogmas! I'm not sure if others post every day in December, but I only post until Christmas!

What would you add to this blogmas idea list?